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Personal training in fitness and nutrition

Our Philosophy

We understand there are those of you who are intimidated by large gyms, seniors believing you are too old, think it's too time consuming, or just plain scared, YOU are our specialty! As role models, we are confident that we can develop a program suitable for you to obtain your goals. It will be structured and personalized to build you up to the person you strive to be.

With all the accomplishments you've achieved in your life, you should be proud and embrace your success. With our guidance, you can achieve the goal of being healthy and fit. The plan is to cultivate your mindset and establish a program that exhibits confidence in your approach towards obtaining a healthy and fit body. As you have had success in other aspects of your life, you can with this as well. Make this the best investment of your life.

Who We Are


Gary has been a fitness enthusiast for 65 years. He maintains a regular routine of exercise and feels that a body is our temple. Nutrition is an integral part of his life, and he feels strongly that how we treat our bodies is of great importance.

In his 70’s, Gary has never been to a hospital due to illness. He doesn’t have a doctor or take any medications - which is not a recommendation, but he is an example that with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle it is possible to stay in good health, even in your later years!


Dee, a former New Jersey Nets Cheerleader and life long dancer & aerobic instructor, lives a life of vitality and balance. At 50, she attributes her good health to proper diet, exercise and reducing oxidative stress.

When Dee was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus and Lyme's Disease, she decided to take a homeopathic and holistic approach to healing. On her road to recovery, Dee has joined Gary in her resistance training regimen, proven to help obtain a lean, muscular, healthy body.

Giving Back

In his down time, Gary is involved with giving back to the community, hands-on volunteer work and raising money for various charities. Gary volunteers his time working along with the public school system doing a reading and healthy buddies program, as well as doing seminars with Monmouth University freshmen, relating his life experiences and concentrating on overall health, fitness and nutrition. He also sponsors several St. Jude’s Hospital children. Being a nature and animal lover, Gary has participated in Monmouth County SPCA events to help our four-legged friends and various environmental causes.

Wanting to give back, 10% of the proceeds of Aging Greatly Now will be donated in part to the good causes mentioned above in addition to others they’ve been involved with listed here.

Some of the efforts AGN has supported as part of its monthly contributions include Shriners Hospital for Children, Wounded Warriors, and Food Bank of Monmouth County.