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Personal training in fitness and nutrition


Invest in yourself and find out all you need to know to start Aging Greatly Now. Contact us to learn more about an individualized plan for you. We offer free consultations!
30-minute sessions
Package of 3 sessions
  • Applies to both Fitness and Nutrition sessions
  • Contact us for a free consultation
  • Sessions are built around your fitness and/or nutritional goals
45-minute sessions
Package of 3 sessions
  • Applies to both Fitness and Nutrition sessions
  • Longer sessions provides more one-on-one time
  • Built around your needs and desires, customized for you
Buddy Training
Workout with 2-3 participants
Contact us to learn more
  • 10-session packages receive a 10% discount
  • Customized pricing for buddy packages
  • Similar fitness levels are required to get the most out of the sessions

Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most often. Bookmark this page for future reference and watch for updates.

What if I need to cancel a session?

Please provide 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Can I participate if I have arthritis or other health issues?

Absolutely! In most cases, your doctor will clear and encourage you to do so.

How many times a week should I work out to see a difference?

“Seeing” a difference will depend on your nutrition, feeling a difference, about six weeks.

What is the best long-term plan to reach my fitness goals?

An entire lifestyle change encompassing our guidance plus your dedication and consistency.

What if I have no previous fitness experience?

We love that, no bad habits to correct.

Do you offer on-location training?

Your office, home, backyard, hotel, the beach, yacht, private jet, just not in your car please.

Do you offer on-line or Skype personal training?

We will be fully online soon, but can design custom video workouts immediately. We always prefer to start with an in-person session to evaluate your ability and need.

Can I purchase this for a family member or friend as a gift?

Yes! We highly recommend giving the gift of health and fitness. Click here to request a gift certificate.

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