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25 Jul
If you read my first blog, let me expand upon it please.


Actually, there have been changes in the fitness industry. There is much more “science” involved, much of it changing our habits, not always for the better. Gyms are inundated with more & more equipment, again, much of it confusing & ineffective. So many new programs, probably mostly effective, if followed, and already in decent shape. But everyone responds differently, has a different learning curve, needs more nurturing time.


My advice to all new to the gym setting is to go slow, keep it simple, learn good exercise mechanics & form. If you over 40, your chances of injury increase, especially if engaged in a high intensity program. This is best avoided by having an experienced trainer who assesses your capabilities, and most important, though seldom understood, reads your “body language” before it is too late! This is impossible if the body is lifting too heavy a weight, or moving too fast with momentum or loss of control.


 A younger person can get away with more mistakes, injuries heal quicker, and tend to be less severe. Working out “hard” comes with injuries to us all, but learn to minimize them by “training smart “! Let’s be honest, most join a gym because their first priority is to look good, though it should be to improve your fitness. Why this is of importance, & misunderstood, will be covered in a future blog.


Today, I want to emphasize that keeping it simple, go slow, crawl, then walk, not even necessary to run, will get results.


Be consistent, dedicated, above all patient, remember if starting from scratch, it took many years to reach this state, it is not a quick fix. The information I am going to provide you is proven through many years of experience, hasn’t been changed by marketing hype or corporate greed.


So lets continue on with Aging Greatly & see what next week brings.