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Cherish Women

November 2, 2017 / Uncategorized

The repercussions over the Weinstein scandal are difficult for me to fathom on a personal level.

This abhorrent behavior has always been a well publicized segment of Hollywood society, and shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Having recently become cognizant of the social media platform in regards to our business, the pervasiveness
of this problem stuns me. Combine that platform with the advent of a far reaching news media and the scope and pattern becomes apparently evident.

Because of the notoriety of being in the public eye, men in powerful positions are often exposed with regularity.
But it appears that this problem filters down into the everyday workplace in every segment of society.

My own personal take is my opinion only, and certainly many “real” men reached their own values through various channels.

I was brought up during a period that is often referred to as the “greatest generation.” This term primarily relates to the heroes who represented our country during WW II. It includes both genders, but not so much the women who remained home.

Those women did replace the men working when needed and aided in the war effort at home, but in addition, they and family members, raised the children as stay at home moms, often all members of the same household.

Aunts, cousins, and older daughters, not yet on their own. They administered what is so much lacking in many American households, a “woman’s touch.”

Most important a MOTHER, the kind of love, affection, and passion that only a mom could provide. If not mom, it might be an aunt, cousin, big sister, someone part of a very close knit family.

Most men, if raised in this environment, hold women in the highest esteem, to be honored, respected, and cherished. Not only did I have an angelic mom, I had a number of aunts who were worthy of this praise.

I am honored to be one of these men, and blessed to have a plethora of these women in my life, one as my business partner.

I am a few generations older, and I am privileged to be able to set an example of a “real” man.

Let’s all be gentlemen and embrace these women as a treasure that will bear our children of the future.

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