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Welcome to the Aging Greatly blog!

June 24, 2017 / General, Motivational
Welcome to the Aging Greatly blog!

This is my first blog, so allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.


Fitness and health has been a part of my life since I was a young boy. Though not from a highly athletic family, both my brother & I both embraced the lifestyle. Our genetics physically were a bit above average, and considerably above in regards to longevity. My obsession with fitness became an addiction, often missing school because the allure of walking by the YMCA was too much to resist. They actually changed the entrance time to 3 PM for minors as I was frequently pursued by the “truant officer” from the school system.


My activities through my younger years did not include weight lifting. I only knew of one “barbell” club, tried it with an older friend, a highly muscle bound, incredibly strong  though not athletic boy from high school. The club was a dimly lit, windowless room, permeated with that “dirty sock” odor, filled with grunting young men, lifting “tons” of heavy metal ! There were no females, in fact, girls seldom engaged in any thing athletics other than cheer leading. Did not appeal to me, and it was 35 years before I returned to a fitness facility.


I was 50 by this time, and health clubs had evolved into highly modern facilities with a plethora of sophisticated equipment. Though a bit intimidating, I discovered I was overall fitter & stronger than most, definitely when it came to core strength. After observing the mechanics of much of the equipment, and the form & technique of the participants, I realized that most of the equipment was next to useless, & many of the members were totally clueless as to what they were doing ! Now almost 25 years later, nothing has changed much, and I am going to expand upon this in next week’s blog.


Thank you for getting this far, please join next week, this journey to Aging Greatly has just begun !

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