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Life is a work in progress

December 11, 2017 / Uncategorized

I believe our journey through life is a continuous work in progress that is a result of our true purpose.

That purpose can take many turns that we hope are positive as a result of our own happiness or sorrow.

Hopefully we acquire wisdom, humility, compassion, and LOVE, along the way.

Love, an often misinterpreted, misused, and, obviously abused word, in lieu of the state of the world.

As each generation passes, we see an increase of corruption applied to both our society and our minds.

Maybe it’s easier for me to rebuff this attitude because I have a renewed purpose in life at 74 though I feel like 40.

AGN is so much more to me than fitness & nutrition.

I am certain that AGN is best served by loving everyone it comes in contact with, a passion to make life better.

Of course, a love of this magnitude has to be administered delicately and PURELY, as we all know what’s going on.

Most engage services in our field because they are personally not happy with where they are.

Hard to change that if all about the “money”, which is what business is.

People come in & out of our lives, some you love, and they still leave, but if they grasp this pure love, they stay, or come back.

This world would certainly be a better place, with this kind of love.

This may not happen in my lifetime, I only have about 30 years, haa, but it will happen at AGN.

So if society deems my love as phony or inappropriate, I say, how’s their brand working out ?

If you come to AGN, you are going to be “loved”, listened to, encouraged, and pushed to reach your goals.

Again, some will leave, others won’t reach their goals, many will succeed, all will know we tried, and loved them.

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